• Until the end of time [The National]: “Thomas Hegghammer reads a new book tracing the spread of apocalyptic thought in the Islamic world.” The review is in English, but the book is in French.  It sounds fascinating; I hope it is soon translated.  It’s curious how Islamic and Protestant fundamentalism have gotten more similar, rather than less, over the years: the evangelicals are more politically active, and in Islam there’s a growing subculture of apocalyptist relative passivity.
  • Grand Arabian nights [TLS]: “Truly a work of world literature, The Arabian (or 1,001) Nights has been fully translated into English for the first time in over a century.” Translated by Malcolm C. Lyons, with Ursula Lyons; introduced and annotated by Robert Irwin; reviewed by Geert Jan van Gelder.  This three-volumer is a publishing event of some importance.  More here soon about the Nights as well as about Robert Irwin…
  • 1611 “Daniel, Hezra, & Nechemiah” Printed In Hebrew And Latin [Live Auctioneers]: I think I have serious case of book lust right now.
  • Vacation To Israel Canceled Due To History Of Israel [The Onion]: This one pretty much writes itself.